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International top bodyguard company of China private bodyguards company Shanghai government has the most professional risk assessment team at www.

1. The mines, enterprises, property management, venue and all kinds of large commercial, public welfare, sports events and other activities, rich family members safe travel all kinds of security risk assessment, planning and execution.

2. To provide detailed and feasible security solutions.

3. To help enterprises develop or improve the system of secret security and secrecy safety training three pieces of content. Safety assessment is divided into regular project appraisal and evaluation of examine. Regular project evaluation mainly includes the physical attack damage assessment, the network information security evaluation, the condition of business secret protection, and other projects, our security expert with the international first-class risk control mechanism and the domestic police work experience for many years, the introduction of advanced qualitative quantitative evaluation index system, a comprehensive system to target customers employees and offices may suffer from physical invasion, electronic signal monitoring, monitoring; Employee risk, computer network security and comprehensive security system design and the implementation situation to make professional evaluation, and submit a feasible improvement strategy.

Examine evaluation is based on a more comprehensive system of multiple security index comprehensive audit, combined with simulation attack and comprehensive crisis response plan. If you need further information, please contact us for more detailed information.

To assist the company to develop or improve the system of secret security mainly includes the audit of secrecy and to the company based on the secret for company to develop and improve the safety manual, assist to write company confidential departments responsibility and the post handling rules.

1, commercial fraud investigation commercial fraud happens, the two most important links one is suspected to collect sufficient evidence to prove that there is fraud crime; The second is to find the criminal suspect has been far from. We have a collaborative network throughout the domestic and foreign intelligence, can effectively determine the criminal suspect, and coordinated the police bring them to justice.

2, commercial espionage investigations

Mall is a battlefield, the enterprises increasingly competitive today, in order to win the competition, the enterprise strategic planning, management system, the core technology, key personnel, customer information can become decided to enterprise’s future business secret, it is because of this, some dishonest competitors not only conscious, in a planned way to send his staff to collect commercial secrets of the target enterprise, but also not hesitate heavy gold recruit intelligence professionals in a variety of professional core technique to steal your secrets. Only lock can deal with the lock, so only professionals form the project team, with professional methods and means to deal with this more effectively while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, the situation. Of people in the project from before the official investigation organ for law enforcement and the assess of business intelligence, when your business secret protection system vulnerabilities, causes the enterprise crisis management, government China professional security experts have many years of experience in actual combat countermeasures will provide you with professional, attempt to defeat all kinds of bad.

3, business intelligence research

Collect competitor’s business information for the enterprise.

Competitors survey designed to help our customers

Understand competitors comprehensive situation

Obtain competitor intelligence

Explore the developing mode of competition and development strategy

The core competitiveness of the competitors

Analysis of competitors and their relative competitive advantages and disadvantages

Market development strategy

3, investigation content:

Registration information and current situation of the development of rivals

Competitors, historical changes and important news

Rival investors is introduced

Rival organization structure, management is introduced, the internal operating mechanism

Competitors production situation investigation (production capacity, production equipment survey)

Competitors operating condition investigation (survey of supply, sales)

Rival financial situation investigation

A rival business development strategy research (short, medium and long term)

Competitor’s relative competitiveness

国际顶尖级保镖公 司上海政华私人保镖公司有最专业的风险评估团队www.

1.对厂矿、企业、 物业、场馆及各类大型商业,公益,体育赛事等活动,富豪家庭成员安全出行的各种安全风险进行评估,计划,执行。

2.提供详实,可行 的安全防范方案。

3.协助企业制订或完 善保密安全制度和企业保密安全培训三块内容。安全评估分为常规项目评估与检验性评估。常规项目评估主要包括物理攻击损害评估、网络信息安全评估、商业秘密保护状况等多个项目,我司的安全专家具有在国际一流风险控制 机构及国内警方多年工作的经验,引入先进的定性定量评估指标体系,能全面系统地就目标客户雇员及办公场所可能遭受的物理入侵、电子信号的监听、监测;雇员风险、计算机网络安全、综合保密制度设计与实施状况作出专业 的评估,并提交具可行性的改进策略。
  检验性评估则 是建立在更全面系统的多项安全指标综合审计,结合模拟攻击及危机反应预案综合得出。您如果需要更进一步地信息,请与我司联系获得更详细的资料。

  协助公司制订 或完善保密安全制度主要包括对公司保密制度文本的审计以及建立在此基础之上为公司制订和完善保密安全手册、协助编写公司保密部门职责及各岗位操作手则。

1、商业反欺诈案件 调查  商业欺诈案件发生后,最重要的两个环节一是收集足够有效的证据证明嫌疑方确有诈骗犯罪行为;其次就是找到已经远远逃避的犯罪嫌疑人。我司有一个遍及国内外的情报协作网络,能有效地确定犯罪嫌疑人的去向,并 协同警方将其绳之以法。


  商场就是战场 ,在企业竞争日益激烈的今天,为了赢得竞争,企业的战略计划、管理体系、核心技术、关键人才、客户资料日益成为能决定企业前途的商业秘密,也正是因为如此,一些心怀叵测的竞争对手不但有意识,有计划地派遣自己的员 工收集目标企业的商业机密,而且更不惜重金招募专业情报人员以各种专业的手法窃取您的核心机密。只有制锁的人才能对付开锁的人,所以只有专业人士形成的专案团队,运用专业的方法与手段才能更有效地对付这种道高一尺 ,魔高一丈的局面。调查公司的专案人士均来自于前官方的执法侦查机关和具有定评的商业反情报机构,当您企业的保密防范体系出现漏洞、导致企业的经营管理面临危机时,政华具有多年实战经验的专业安全专家将为您提供专 业化的反制措施,挫败各种不轨企图。


      为企业搜集竞争对 手的商业情报资料。

  竞争对手调查 旨在协助我们的客户

  了解竞争对手 综合情况

  获取竞争对手 一手情报

  发掘竞争对手 的发展模式和发展策略

  研究竞争对手 的核心竞争力

  分析对手与自 身的相对竞争优势及劣势

  制定市场发展 策略


  竞争对手注册 资料及发展现状

  竞争对手历史 变更情况及重大新闻

  竞争对手投资 方介绍

  竞争对手组织 结构,管理层介绍,内部运营机制调查

  竞争对手生产 情况调查(生产能力、生产设 备调查)

  竞争对手经营 情况调查(供应情况调查、销 售情况调查)

  竞争对手财务 状况调查

  竞争对手经营 发展策略调查(短期、中长期 )

  竞争对手相对 竞争力调查


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